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The Baobab Philosophy:

In its natural habitat, the African Savannah, the Baobab tree is known as: ‘The Tree of Life’. These majestic giants can provide shelter, food and water to animal or human inhabitants. There are many mystic legends surrounding this astonishing tree. The Bushmen believe that when the world was young, the Baobab tree stood tall and proud against lesser plants. The gods became angry and uprooted the Baobabs, thrusting them back into the ground, roots upwards as punishment. Since then they are referred to as: ‘The upside-down trees’
The tree is certainly very different from any other. The trunk is smooth and shiny, not at all like the bark of other trees, and it is pinkish grey or sometimes copper coloured.
When bare of leaves, the spreading branches of the Baobab look like roots sticking up into the air, rather as if it had been planted upside-down. Baobabs are very difficult to kill, they can be burnt, or stripped of their bark, and they will just form new bark and carry on growing. When they do die, they simply rot from the inside and suddenly collapse, leaving a heap of fibres, which makes many people think that they don't die at all, but simply disappear.
A Baby Baobab tree looks very different from its adult form and this is why the Bushmen believe that it doesn't grow like other trees, but suddenly crashes to the ground with a thump, fully grown, and then one day simply disappears. No wonder they are thought of as magic trees.


"You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong Guest service culture can’t be copied."


  • Are you a Hotel Manager who wants to train and develop your Staff?
  • Are you an employee in a Hotel Department who wants a qualification in your chosen field?
  • Are you interested in the Hospitality Industry as a career?

  • BDS is a Hospitality Training Provider born from a life-long commitment to Hospitality Training and Skills Development.
  • BDS specialize in hands-on operational Skills Training and Development in the following departments:

Food & Beverage



Guest Service

  • BDS is internationally accredited by City & Guilds (London) and ranges from Skills Proficiency Certificates to Level 1 Certificates in the above mentioned areas of expertise.
  • BDS offer a collaborative learning strategy at the forefront of Hospitality Outcomes-based Education and Training in South Africa.

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