Skills Development has become a buzzword in the new Outcomes-Based Education System. (OBET) George Evans said:”Every Student can learn, just not on the same day and not in the same way.”
Very few Training and Education Professionals realise the large gap between teaching Hospitality Management and implementing the skills, behaviour and knowledge that is necessary to sustain the learner in the working environment towards a career.
Learners today do not want to be taught. They want a learning experience, one that is successful in providing an authentic, fun and participative development solution to their learning problems. They want a practical demonstration of the skills they need, a concise summary of why they need these skills and a consistent application in an environment they can relate to.
Yvette Steyn (Managing Director) founded BAOBAB DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS based on her extensive Hotel Management experience and passion for the Hospitality Industry.
“I believe in paying it forward in terms of the education and experience I have received, enjoyed and fostered over the years within the Hospitality Industry. Our Industry relies on innovative, passionate and committed individuals who dare to challenge themselves to achieve the highest accolades within their chosen fields.

BDS rest firmly on my commitment to Hospitality Training and Skills Development vision for this country.

BDS is striving to become a household brand in terms of Skills Development and Training within South Africa.
By providing Skills Development Solutions to fill the current development gaps within our Industry and by satisfying the growing demand of fundamental training methodologies we emphasize our focus on further education and development through professional studies in South Africa. Thus placing and expanding our footprint in the landscape of Hospitality Educators.”


To inspire 21st century learners to acknowledge their roots, sprout and continue growing through life-long skills development training


To provide Clients, Learners and ETD practitioners with unique skills development solutions to common training problems


  • Superior Client Service: High-quality facilitation, assessment and moderation ethics, care and service committed to the Hospitality Industry
  • Location: Skills Development Training provided in the learners’ work environment tailored to their Hospitality organisations market and challenges. Formal training facilities available conducive to providing professional services, where the Client doesn’t prefer on-site training
  • Convenience: Tailor made training programmes and skills development solutions relevant to each individual Client’s organisation
  • Reputation: Credibility, Integrity, Ethics and 100% commitment to results
  • Experience: Hotel Management Career, International Experience as foundation of the company’s service ethos
  • Passion: ETD practitioners with enthusiasm, interest and experience in the Hospitality Industry to transfer and share this passion for training and development in the Hotel Industry with learners.


  • To be the preferred choice for Skills Development and Hospitality Certification training in South Africa by offering affordable, high quality accredited training programmes
  • To develop a reputation based on credibility, integrity and ethics within the national Hospitality training environment
  • To be transparent in everything we do
  • To change the perception of Skills Development and Training through achieving and monitoring results and placements in the Hospitality Industry with each training incentive
  • To provide Skills Development Training to those less fortunate, but by no means less capable than ourselves


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